Electronic Security
For your well-being and confort
An innovative CCTV system, that will allow you to see what is happening in your shop or home when you're not there... anywhere and anytime.
Centralization / Systems Integration
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We are a company that works for your peace of mind.
We use equipment that meets our customer needs and provide the best value for money, always providing the ideal solution.

To achieve our goals, we combine the most
advanced technology in electronic security systems,
the knowledge and experience of our professionals

Our solutions

Thinking on our custumers


Either IP, Analog or Hybrid, we have the ideal solution for you.

And if you wish, Remote Viewing (PC, MAC, Android and Iphone)

Intrusion detection

Wireless or cabled, infra-red "fence" or curtain detectors, double technology motion detectors or pet immune, magnetic contacts, panic buttons, Blinds Detectors...

Fire detection

We have either the simple equipment for your small business, as well an integrated system capable of +1000 detectors, with the possibility to operate other emergency systems(such as smoke extraction, shut down the elevators...)

Home Automation

For your convenience ... lighting control, air conditioning, blinds, irrigation systems, etc ...

Access Control

Time / Time Management or simple access control

Integrated Security Systems

Imagine that you are leaving your home ... with a simple click you can turn off all lighting, close all blinds, turn on the alarm and even cut off gas and water ...

Some of our customers:

Protecting your integrity, your property, your family and your customers,
we add quality of life on your day-to-day life.

-TRW Automotive-
Jumbo de Alfragide
-Sonae RP-
-Social Services for Police-
-Armed Forces Hospital-
-Portuguese Air Force-
-European Central Bank-
-Portugal Government-

Pope in Portugal

A successful partnership

Do you want to know more about our services and products? Contact us